Agriculture Census 2015-16

The tenth Agriculture Census with reference year 2015-16 has been launched on 3rd February, 2016.The field work of Phase-I of Agriculture Census 2015-16 has been completed and provisional results of Phase-I are being processed.

Phase-II is conducted in selected 20 per cent villages in each Tehsil for collecting detailed data on irrigation status, tenancy particulars, cropping pattern and dispersal of holdings, etc. The field work of Phase-II has been completed in 28 States/UTs and progressing in remaining States/UTs.

The constituent activities and field work of Input Survey is progressing in the country. Phase-III of Agriculture Census, (referred as Input Survey) is conducted in 7 percent of villages, as a follow up survey to the Agriculture Census (reference year as next Agriculture year to that of the Agriculture Census) to collect data on input use pattern of operational holdings in the country.