Constitution of the Steering Committee for conduct of Agriculture Census 2015-16
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The competent authority of Department of Agriculture, & Farmers Welfare constituted Stee- ring Committee on Agriculture Census 2015-16 and Input Survey 2016-17 to monitor the progress of the scheme in different states and to guide and sort out the technical issues arising in implementation of the scheme from time to time. The committee had been constituted under Chairmanship of the Principal Adviser, Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare with members representing Central Statistical Office, National Sample Survey Office, Registrar General of Census, Planning Commission, Ministry of Water Resource, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute(IASRI), Directorate of Economics & Statistics(DES) of DAC & FW, Adviser Horticulture of DAC & FW, Department of Animal Husbandry,  Department of Land Resource.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee include the following:


1. To consider and accept the recommendations of technical Working Group on Agricultural Census and Input Survey before launching of Census operations;

2.  To monitor the progress of census operations from time to time and issue necessary directions;

3. To take a view on any administrative or technical issue having bearing on progress of Agricultural Census and Input Survey;

4.  To approve the data generated from Agricultural Census and Input Survey, before release.

5. To take a view on the recommendations of concerned bodies like National Statistical Commission;

6. To lay down the policy guidelines for dissemination of data collected through Agricultural Census and Input Survey; and

7.  Any other matter brought up for its consideration.